Whatever your plans for the weekend may be, your phone will probably be with you. So fire that puppy up and get ready for some new apps to download. We've got plenty for you in this round of the week's best Android apps—a way to watch ESPN anywhere, a gifting app, and more.

Treater: Wednesday was my mom's birthday, and I almost forgot to send a gift. Everyone's been in that boat before, and in those dire times when you risk being a perceived as a horrible daughter, apps like Treater are especially necessary. You can send a gift, and to redeem it, the recipient can just flash their phone to the cashier. Free

Zaxxon Escape: Remember the 80s game, Zaxxon? You don't have a Sega anymore, but now you can play the isometric shooter on your Android phone. Time to kick your spaceship into warp speed. $0.99

Mini Motor Racing: When you were a kid, you played with little metal toy cars. Now that you're an adult, you can still play with those miniatures, but now the game is on your phone. Play alone, or with up to four friends over Wi-Fi in this high-speed race competition. $1.99

Space Images: Everything about space is awesome, but there's so much that we can't see just by gazing into the heavens. But the guys over at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab have the tools to see the details of the beautiful night sky, and you can peep hundreds of their photos on this app. Free

WatchESPN: Ugh, god. You have to go to your kid's six-man football game, meaning you're going to miss the real pro football game you care about. So, if you have a cable subscription, download WatchESPN, so you can watch all the live content on your phone from whatever hell you're currently burning in. Subscription