You've probably been staring at a computer all week. But your eyes can rest taking in the most beautiful items of the week. From a typographic chess set, to a library you want to climb all over, here were the most fetching things we found.

This Typographic Chess Set Is Too Pretty to Play

This gorgeous typographic chess set, based around the Champion font by Hoefler Frere Jones, brings elegant simplicity to the game with each piece assuming the form of its initial. It's almost too pretty to play.More

This Folding Chair Collapses Into an AT-AT

Here's a new twist on the folding chair-why not fold it down the middle rather on the back? That's exactly what Canadian designers Solveig Johannessen and Krystin Clarke did with OSSA, a wooden indoor/outdoor seat. And when you fold it up, as an added bonus, it looks like a vanquished AT-AT. More

I Want to Climb Every Page of This Book Mountain

The final plans for Spijkenisse's-a small town in the Netherlands-stunning new library were revealed back in 2009 when construction began. But now that the Book Mountain + Library Quarter is complete and open to the public, we're finally getting our first actual glimpses of its pyramid-like facade and gorgeous mountain of books inside. More

This Espresso Maker Is the Most Beautiful Thing You'll Ever Wake Up To

You've been spoiled by the five-buck cup of exotic single-origin pour-over coffee. It's time to upgrade your home equipment. At this rate, your caffeine addiction is cutting into your cocktail budget. More

Birdcage Vases Make Your Plants Even Prettier

These cage planters are utterly gorgeous. Made out of a combination of concrete and wire, each with a walnut base, the pretty pots were just shown at the London Design Festival. More

Geometric Terrariums Are a Gorgeous Excuse to Buy a Cactus

If keeping even a little piddly goldfish alive is beyond your care-taking capabilities, well then you have a perfect excuse to buy one of these gorgeous, geometric terrariums! Yay for you.

The Most Comfortable Pile of Rocks You Will Ever Sit On

You go to a rocky beach, you dig for a few seashells, skip a few stones on the water, and make a couch. Wait, what? Ok beach rocks might not be the first inspiration that comes to mind when crafting new furniture, but in the case of GumDesign's Isola couch, the finished result came out quite well. More

This House Is Not Actually Made Out of Marshmallows

YThis building looks like it could be home to the Stay Puft marshmallow man. In reality, it's the recently remodeled visitors' center of the Synagogue de Delme Contemporary Art Centre, a gallery in France. More