As we collectively prepare ourselves for Adele's Bond song to become insufferable and before we start wondering if Daniel Craig's traps are CGI'd in the next Bond movie Skyfall, let's pay homage to the original Bond movie: Dr. No. It's been 50 years since Sean Connery first showed us who James Bond was and it's the movie that still serves as the benchmark for them all.

There have been 22 movies so far in the James Bond series—most fun, some forgettable but all a spanking good time. James Bond is the spy who we all love whether it be because of his charm and campy quips or his gadgets and love for tuxedos. It's someone who every boy once dreamed of being, a name whose cadence everyone once tried adopting and a character who puts a universal soft spot across generations. And why?

Because of Sean Connery. You can maybe think Brosnan looked better in a tux or that Moore was more clever with his words or that Craig really freaking seems like he could win a war against an entire country but it's Connery who fully embodied Bond and created the film blueprint of him. And now 50 years later (as irrelevant as James Bond once was during some of those years), it's hard to imagine not seeing a new Bond movie every few years. And it's just as hard to imagine any new Bond movie having a better Bond than Dr. No. [IMDB]