It's the weekend! Time to relax, kick back, and catch up on a little news. Please, allow me to serve you up some of the best dishes this week. Here's some of what's on the menu: Why science says you can't have a pet dinosaur, a flock of SR-71 Blackbirds in a perfect pose, the best fitness app around, what the end of the world might look like, yet another Apple Maps gaffe and more. Dig in below.

Why the Galaxy S III Mini Is a Major Letdown

The Galaxy S III is one of the best phones you can buy. It's fast, it's beautiful, it's got guts most handsets can only dream of. Which is why it's so disappointing-inexplicable, even-that Samsung's Galaxy S III mini isn't just the same, but smaller. It's a lesser phone in every conceivable way. And that sucks. More »

Is This the Last Thing the Human Race Will Ever See?

Astronomers at the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) observatory have observed something very surprising for the very first time: a weird tridimensional spiral structure inside of a dying star, one that is just like our very own Sun. More »

The Best Fitness App

Staying fit is important. Even if it seems enjoyable to lie on the couch devouring hours of HBO Go on your iPad, the truth is, when you're exercising, you're happier-there are plenty of scientific studies to back it up. The good news: Gadgets can fit in with your gym routine. If you're serious about getting into shape, here's what you should download first. More »

Holy Crap-Look at All These SR-71 Blackbirds Together!

Like Richard Gottardo says: this image reaches a "maximum amount of awesomeness." Eleven! Lockheed Martin SR-71 Blackbirds-perhaps the the most exhilarating piece of flying titanium ever to touch the sky along with the Oxcart A-12-"posing" together. More »

This 14-Year-Old Kid Is a Lego Genius

This is Stijn Oom, a 14-year-old kid from the Netherlands. Stijn started to play with Lego right after he was potty trained (literally). Just a short time later, he's a certifiable Lego genius. He builds the best Lego tanks I've ever seen. The accuracy and precision is uncanny. His sense of design, the way he captures the details, impressive. This is his story, and these are his creations. More »

Science Just Killed Any Hope You Ever Had of Jurassic Park Being Real

Every so often, a scientific breakthrough comes along that completely reshapes our world, giving us untold insight and inestimable hope for a more perfect future. What a world, it makes us think, and what privilege to be a part of it. This is not one of those breakthroughs. This is bullshit. More »

Apple Maps Accidentally Revealed a Top Secret Military Base

Uh oh. Apple Maps, for all of its blurry, melting world faults, was actually a little too clear in one area: it revealed a top-secret, $1.23 billion ultra-high-frequency radar of Taiwan for everyone to see. Um, that's not good. More »

Microsoft Is Finally Fixing the Dumbest Thing About Microsoft

Microsoft Points are the worst. You're already trying to spend money-why do you need to send your cash to a halfway house of misleading round numbers and uneven transactions? You shouldn't. And thankfully, it seems that Microsoft finally agrees, and is doing away with Microsoft Points. More »

What Is This Shiny Metallic Thing Found On Mars?

While grabbing its first scoop of Martian soil, the Mars Curiosity Rover team noticed a weird thing, something that was not supposed to be there: a bright object on the ground. What is it? NASA's scientists don't know yet. More »

I Can't Stop Reading the Texts Women Send in to HeTexted

Ladies, we need to talk. Everyone needs advice sometimes, but some of the texts you are sending into the cool/sad website HeTexted are just awful. More »