Transfer - Livetune

And you thought your morning commute was rough. This adorably chaotic music video by Livetune was directed by Fantasista Utamaro and Kubotabee. [Cartoon brew]

Paris In Motion, Part II

The second in a series chronicling his adventures in the City of Lights, photographer Mayeul Akpovi combined 3,500 stills to generate this incredible time-lapse and stop-motion video. Check out the original here. [Laughing Squid]


Marijuana is finally having its day in court. After decades languishing among the hardest drugs known to man on Schedule I, the Supreme Court has begun hearing oral arguments for (and against) reclassifying it to at least a Schedule II. Long-time Cannabis reformer Jon Gettman explains the background of this historic case and just what exactly is at stake. [High Times]


Cops Return $12,800 Worth of Stolen Cannabis to Rightful Owner—Wait, What?

Talk about harshing your vibe. Last Wednesday, 32-year-old Trenton Mass. resident and all-around ass-hat, Aaron Pert reportedly cut two openings in the greenhouse of a licensed Ellsworth medical marijuana caregiver and stole 17 plants valued at nearly 13 grand. Police quickly tracked down Pert and his ill-gained greenery but delayed returning the plants to their rightful owner until Saturday (given the Federal illegality of the matter), decimated roughly 85-percent of the plants with mold. But hey, it's better than getting none of them back—or being sent to PMITA prison on account of some BS Federal prohibition. [WGME - Image: Andre Blais/ Shutterstock]

Claire Danes Makes the Sad Face Yet Again