At the end of the week you want to kick back, relax, and crack open a beer fire up the app store. We've got plenty of new titles for you to in this round of the best iPhone apps of the week, from a new take on a classic video game to a gif maker.

Vodio: You could pass around videos between your friends, or you could download Vodio, which tries to guess which clips you will like. It's sort of like Flipboard but for moving pictures, and it uses your Facebook and Twitter feeds as a crystal ball to give you recommendations. Free

Carmageddon: In L.A. there's been a real traffic nightmare called Carmageddon, and that sounds like a nightmare. This game is kind of like that. Crazy pedestrians better stay out of your way, because you use your car as a weapon to mow them down. This is an appropriate place to purge yourself of your road rage. $1.99

Lightt: We're in the midst of somewhat of a gif renaissance, so here's another way to make these short animations. Lightt will take a short blast of pics, and sew them together to give you what it calls a highlight (it's more or less a gif) in just 10 seconds. Free

Wanderous: Apple map get you lost on accident, but Wanderous does the same on purpose. You'll start and stop where you specify, but it will point you to interesting spots along the route. So maybe you won't actually make it to your destination after all. Free

Sonic Jump: Sonic is a classic video game character. But what if instead of spinning, he jumped? That's exactly what he does in this brand new HD iOS game where you can explore 36 amazing levels as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles. $1.99