As any mechanic—or conversely, six year old—can tell you, the need to disassemble things is one of our most base impluses because, well, how else would we see how stuff works? Our friends at Oobject have assembled 12 such instances that toe the line between destruction and art.

Also check out these 12 cutaway cars, some cutaway models of world famous items, and a dozen prefabricated ships.

VW Disassembled


Brittny Badger: Disassembled Appliances

Exploded Gadgets, Frozen Forever in Time


2005 Kawasaki Kx250 Dismantled

Mk. II Golf Deconstruction


Components of a Vans aircraft

The Skyputer


Palimpsest of all Skoda Parts

Paul Veroude real life exploded F1 car


Prius Completely Disassembled

Steelcase Quick Disassembly Chair

Not a machine, but an everyday chair. This caught our eye and was included in the list because the design of this layout is better than the chair itself.


All parts of Craftsman 1500 piece toolkit