Bravo has released the first clip from Start-Ups, its parody-rife reality show about Silicon Valley. Here is the rundown of the short scene in which angel investor Dave McClure looks over a pitch from brother-sister disruptin' duo Ben and Hermione (Hermione!) Way's rip-roarin' vaguely-purposed company, Ignite. It follows what we've come to know as Standard Reality Television Script and relies heavily on Start Up Lingo:

  • Sentences said with half-conviction that don't make sense: "We've developed a scale, that we can give away for free. To millions of people. For less than two dollars."
  • Foreboding music in order to forward the plot.
  • Camera cuts back and forth between faces of focus, disruption, and "I don't know what's going on!"
  • A character calls another character "annoying"
  • A character calls another character white trash "disrespectful."
  • A reference to a crap-ton of money.
  • Token British guy.

Click here to view this embed.

Insufferably wonderful. And we'll all be watching when it premiers November 5. Although this clip looses some value for its lack of mention of the word "disrupt." [AllThingsD]