It's been a big week. Not only did we see a bunch of major Apple product announcements including the fabled iPad Mini, but Microsoft's Surface RT tablet poked its head out into the increasing crowded world of tablets alongside the launch of Windows 8. And all that's to say nothing of the coming snowpocalypse, the worst passwords of 2012, or whether or not it's immoral to own an iPhone. Catch up below.

Microsoft Surface RT Review: This Is Technological Heartbreak

Surface was the single biggest genuine tech surprise of the year so far. Microsoft tantalized us with a tablet that made the iPad look stale. Its snap-on keyboard made all laptops look immediately old fashioned. And it promised The Future of Computers. More »

Is It Immoral to Own an iPhone 5?

So many things are made in China: DVD players, handbags, adorable shoes, kitchen gadgets, watches, t-shirts, laptops, and more. Some of them are made in happy, shiny factories. Some are born out of deplorable labor conditions that ruin and cost lives. We usually don't know which. More »

Windows 8 Review: Incredibly Innovative, Incredibly Important, Not Quite Incredible

Windows. The central pillar of Microsoft and the modern computing world has also been, for the past several years, passingly easy to take for granted. Operating at varying degrees of mundane to tolerable, Windows has been a bore; a groan and a what-can-you-do shrug. No more. More »

Apple Is a Follower

Apple never wanted to make the iPad Mini. It was forced to, by an army of tiny tablets laying successful siege to its empire. Apple's conceded a lot of ground already. But it's not the first time this year it's had to play catch-up. More »

The 25 Most Popular Passwords of 2012

Though I had hoped that we, as people, would have improved our passwords by now, it turns out that we, as people, are still unimaginative and so very lazy. Just take a look at the most popular (read: the worst) passwords of 2012. They're terribly predictable. More »

Apple's New iMacs Are Crazy Thin

Apple has defied that assumption that the desktop is on the outs and dropped refreshed super-thin iMacs at its event today. More »

How Hurricane Sandy Might Become a Snowpocalyptic Frankenstorm

Meteorologists are forecasting what could be the worst storm to hit the eastern United States in more than 70 years. Dubbed the "Frankenstorm" by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the system could potentially pummel the Mid-Atlantic and northeast with gale-force winds and snow at the same time. Yes, that sounds like a scene from the Biblical rapture. But the Frankenstorm isn't just possible-by the end of this weekend, it could be likely. More »

Don't Upgrade to the iPad 4

Surprise! There's a new iPad out. Again. Already. But should you ditch the one you've got for the new guy? Our guess is probably not. More »

What Happens When You Flush a Toilet on an Airplane?

Aircraft lavatories have come a long way since the early days of commercial air travel. WWII pilots tossed piss-filled bottles out of unpressurized windows (seriously). Now, airborne waste control technology could put the Jetsons to shame. Here's what happens when you flush at 35,000 feet up. More »

iPad Mini: Everything You Need to Know

The iPad Mini is here. It's a sleek 7.9-inch tablet made of anodized aluminum and glass that follows the format reduction pioneered by Google and Amazon. This thing is really neat. Only 0.68 pounds and 7.2 millimeters. In a nutshell: it has better specs and it's thinner and lighter than the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the Google Nexus 7, but much more expensive too. More »