Hurricane Sandy is well on its way to Class Five Killstorm status. Expected to cause upwards of $20 Billion in damages, this super-storm is already wrecking shop along the Eastern seaboard. Here is some of the worst damage sustained so far in the Mid-Atlantic states.

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Nooooooooooo! Not Uncle Bills Pancake House in Stone Harbor, New Jersey! Image: Mad Betty / Instagram

"Flood waters from Hurricane #Sandy approach the LaGuardia Airport runways and taxiways today." Image: NYNJ Port Authority / Instagram

Just in case the high winds and falling trees weren't enough, here—live wires! Image: soundlyawake / Tumblr

Why yes, those are waves crashing over the neighbor's house. Image: climateadaptation / Tumblr

184 Kent St in NYC Image: Deevee / Facebook

The Hudson River is overflowing. Image: nigelbarker / Instagram

The Point Pleasant, NJ Napa Auto Parts is missing its roof. Image: kr3at / Instagram

This used to be Atlantic City, NJ Image: Mike609 / Instagram

Damage along the Outer Banks, NCImage: sks1024 / Flickr

Storm tides demolishing a house along the Outer Banks, NC Image: sks1024 / Flickr

Deck damage in the OBX Image: sks1024 / Flickr

Roads are falling into the sea on North Carolina's Outer BanksImage: sks1024 / Flickr

This was reportedly a street as some point yesterday. Image: sks1024 / Flickr

Initial Flooding at Beacon Image: MTAPhotos / Flickr

Lenox Terminal @ 148th St Image: MTAPhotos / Flickr

"The divider on the balcony at my parent's apartment in Brooklyn NY ripped all the way off by the wind." Image: thisisntmyrealhair / Tumblr

Huntington, NY Image: qasimchadhar / Email

Broken trees on Court street in Brooklyn Image: Catherine F. / email

A blown-out facade on 29th Street in LIC Image: @JetSetCD / Instagram

This used to be a shed.Image: xvoltaiccrusherx / Tumblr

Somewhere a village is missing its trampoline. Image: ashtophet / Tumblr

A snapped crane along 57th Street in NYC Image: @Nat_Herz / Instagram

Rock Creek in DC has become a white water rapid. Image: @SegravesWTOP / Instagram

The FDR North underwater Image: @Carashells / Instagram

The Byram River in Port Chester is flooding. Image: @LeahRaeNY / Instagram

Ocean City, NJ underwater. Image: @kenshane / Twitpic

NYC Dept of Sanitation salt storage building is already immersed. Image: @MegRobertson / Instagram

"We've already got flooding in #Scituate" Image: @JLoncich / Instagram

"Water is over the wall on 34th and FDR" Image: @MariaPiccolino / Instagram

A tree just ruined this guy's week. Image: @abustama1 / Instagram

This suburban street now classifies as a river. Image: juustg0withit / Tumblr

This is what the underside of a tree looks like. Image: thestormseye / Instagram

Sandy is wrecking gardens left and right. Image: whatsbeautifulnow / Tumblr

Atlantic City is no more. Image: nbclatenught / Tumblr


Fallen top of tree in Gramercy Park Image: kodakmementos / Tumblr

Image: kiwiboobsr2spooky4u / Tumblr