Along with devastating rain and winds, Hurricane Sandy brought along a torrent of photographs that flooded the internet before she even hit land. You've seen our coverage of the storm, and while many of the photos were taken by our own writers and readers, we — as well as the entire media industry — still rely on the pros risking their safety to tell the whole story. Andrew Burton, a freelance photojournalist and photographer for Getty Images, took some of the most iconic storm images floating around the internet, and we're lucky enough to have him hanging around to answer your questions starting at 2pm.

Andrew's credentials include awards from the Hearst Foundation, Society of Professional Journalists, Photographer of the Year, and International (POYi), and he has received private first aid training for combat and wilderness wounds through Reporters Instructed in Saving Colleagues and Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism. Before Sandy, Andrew has covered the Egyptian revolution, South Sudan's independence, Japan's tsunami, Occupy Wall Street, and the Beijing and Vancouver olympics.


Below are a few of his photographs from Hurricane Sandy, for which Andrew started shooting a day before the storm hit. He worked through torrential downpour, flooding, near-freezing, and beautiful sunny days. Go ahead and submit your questions below; he'll be answering as many as he can.