The Presidential election this week spawned all kinds of stories including the most retweeted tweet ever, the legality of instagramming your vote, and alternate universe President-Elect websites. But that's not all! We've also got drunk Windows 8, 25 Nate Silver facts, and every Microsoft device ever. Check it all out below.

The Story Behind the Internet's Most Popular Photo

This photo, along with the simple caption "Four more years" became the most tweeted and most liked on Facebook photograph ever, and it did so with incredible speed. We thought you'd like to hear the story behind it. It's probably not what you imagined. More »

Is It Illegal To Instagram Your Vote?

This may sound familiar: a friend of yours posts a picture of her completed ballot, shot moments ago, inside a New York City voting booth. Was it legal to take that photo to begin with? In a surprising number of states, this simple act-one you've no doubt seen repeated on Instagram and Facebook dozens of times today-would've constituted a misdemeanor. More »

Sarah Silverman's iPhone Camera Trick Is Hilariously Explicit

Funny person Sarah Silverman has an idea for all you twelve-year-old boys with iPhones out there. Make a person tilt their head sideways and then take a picture of a person slightly sticking out his tongue and then... yeah, just watch the video. It's foul, dirty and hilarious. More »

Lumia 920 Review: Just Too Damn Heavy

Windows Phone 8 is lovely, and the Lumia 920 is supposed to be the Ultimate Windows Phone. Sadly, the handset we've been excited about for so long is just too fat to love. More »

Secrets, Schemes, and Lots of Guns: Inside John McAfee's Heart of Darkness

As dawn broke over the interior of Belize on April 30, an elite team of 42 police and soldiers, including members of the country's SWAT team and Special Forces, converged on a compound on the banks of a jungle river. Within, all was quiet. The police called out through a bullhorn that they were there looking for illegal firearms and narcotics, then stormed in, breaking open doors with sledgehammers, handcuffing four security guards, and shooting a guard dog dead. The compound's owner, a 67-year-old white American man, emerged bleary-eyed from his bedroom with a 17-year-old Belizean girl. The police cuffed him and took him away, along with his guards. More »

Romney Staffers Publish Sad Victory Website by Mistake

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama was re-elected, which means, of course, that Mitt Romney lost. If Romney had won, the president-elect would have needed a website. It makes sense that his staffers would have prepared one. But if the fool who accidentally published it wasn't already out of a job, he should be fired. More »

Every Single Microsoft Device. Ever.

With the release of Surface, Microsoft is taking a serious dive into the wide world of hardware production. But this isn't the first time Microsoft has gone down that road. In fact, Redmond has racked up a pretty impressive catalogue of devices. Here's a list of all of them. More »

A Drunk Person Tries Windows 8 For the First Time

What happens when a computer-literate person gets drunk as hell and encounters Windows 8 for the first time? Frustration for them, hilarity for you. Thank you, drunk people, for telling it like it is through the thick veil of beers. More »

Hurricane Sandy: The Craziest Before and After Shots

Athena-the season's first major winter storm-is just beginning to hit New York City. This is bad news-the situation is still pretty rough for many residents. Hurricane Sandy really wreaked havoc in the city; here's a collection of the most astounding before and after comparisons. More »

Top 25 Nate Silver Facts

Wow, this Nate Silver guy sure is something. His relentless statistical simulations called the election perfectly, like months before it even happened, and he stuck to his guns while right-wing pundits dismissed his models as voodoo from their televised mountaintops. More »