Thanks to our every four years orgy of public decision making, we finally know what president we'll be stuck with for the next four years. Well, at least technology can still set us free! Here's a week's worth of iPhone apps for you to enjoy!

Sayonara: You'd probably have a thing or two to say to the jerks who unfollow you on Twitter—if only you could keep track of the legions of deserters. Sayonara does just that and sends you a notification every time someone hits the road. $2

Settle It: Politicians are lying liars most of the time. Luckily, the wonderful fact-checkers at Politifact have funneled all of their falsehood-eradicating powers into an app. Hurray for truth.Free

Afterglow: Instagram is fun, but the meager selection of filters and editing options can make the experienced poster feel a little limited. Afterglow packs 30 adjustable filters, plus 12 common editing tools into a slick, easy-to-use app the exports straight to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Score. $1

Live 140: Don't you hate it when not everyone on Twitter is watching exactly the same show? What the hell? If you're watching something, you want everyone else to watch it too. Tune into your program, open the app and select your show and read what people are saying about it on Twitter-a little second screen action. Free