You're in the home stretch before a five-day weekend, but still, just to distract you in the meantime, here are some lovely things. From a sleeping desk to fire escape shelving, these are the most beautiful items we found this week.

Secret Sleeping Desks Should Be Installed in Every College Library

Falling asleep while studying is a rite of passage for students of higher learning, so why shouldn't college libraries install desks that make the occasional nap a bit more comfortable? More

This Gorgeous Digital Hourglass Replaces Sand With Falling Pixels

Every smartphone comes with a timer, but Metaphys' Nebula digital hourglass is cooler. You'll know it the minute you see its glowing pixels drop. More

Adorable Fire-Escape Shelving: For When Your Knick-Knacks Need a Smoke Break

No one ever wants to consider the possibility of a fire ripping through their home. But you always prepare for the worst, and with this Urban Shelf your tiny potted cactuses and various knick-knacks have a safe way to escape the flames. More

Explore the Beautiful World of Herman Miller Furniture With This Comprehensive Online Portfolio

The Herman Miller Collection, as Design Director George Nelson put it, is supposed to be a "a permanent collection designed to meet fully the requirements for modern living." Though he said way back in 1952, it still holds true. This comprehensive portfolio shows it all off. More

What the Hell Is China Building Here?

Not happy with building mysterious gigantic structures in the desert, the Chinese are now building inter-dimensional portals in the middle of their cities. What the hell is this 515-foot (157 meters) high metal structure in the the city of Fushun, in northeast China's Liaoning province? More