I don't know anything about The Stratford 4 really. From what I can scare up with a cursory Google search and their languishing Myspace page, they were a quartet active from roughly 1999 to the mid 2000s and have since disbanded. What I do know is that their song "Where The Ocean Meets the Eye" off their 2003 record Love and Distortion is fantastic.

This song just happened to pop up on a Pandora station years ago, and I've been in love ever since. With a shoegaze-y, My Blood Valentine-influenced sound, Where The "Ocean Meets the Eye" is as much a sound-scape as it is a song. You can practically hear the ocean in the heavily distorted, rolling riffs that sort of crash against you, if you'll pardon the overly nautical metaphor. It's a great song to listen to at volumes that probably damage your ears, so turn up the volume at give it a go. [YouTube]