Reminiscent of a NASA zero-gravity trainer, or the giant machine that catapulted Jodie Foster's character across the universe in Contact, this mesmerizing spinning contraption is actually a watch winder from Döttling. For a mere $15,000 it keeps your kinetically wound watch powered and entertains at the same time.

Kinetic-automatic movement-powered watches wind themselves from the natural motions of the wearer, and what sets Döttling's Gyrowinder apart from other watch winders is that it can spin the watch in any direction a full 360 degrees—which the company claims more closely mimics natural human movements. It's also got a set of adjustable weights so the mechanisms can be tweaked for any watch design, and besides being the perfect way to show off your vast amounts of disposable income, for time travellers the Gyrowinder is a more stylish alternative to a DeLorean.

[Döttling via The Red Ferret Journal]