Guns n Roses Uses Its Illusion

Who but Axl and the boys could take Japan by storm in little more than hot pants?

I'm Fine Thanks - Eamonn O'Neill

Well, this feels uncomfortably familiar. [Cartoon Brew]

Hostess Twinkies Were the Original Space Cakes

In celebration of Hostess' mediation agreement, please enjoy this Twinkie commercial from 1970 while ignoring the rampant sexism and open-faced space helmets.

1940's Fleischer Superman Was the Bestest Superman

The copyrights of this classic Man of Steel animated series have expired and are considered public domain material. As such, Warner Brothers has posted the entire seven-episode run on Youtube. [YT via Cartoon Brew]

Some Poor Schmuck Accidentally Handed Out His 8-Ball to Trick-or-Treaters

This past Halloween, apprentice panel-beater Donald Junior Green had just dropped £200 on a big bag of white, which he had stuffed into a pants pocket. In his other pocket, he had stashed some delicious sweets for the neighborhood children who were busy trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, when a trio of kids (guided by their off-duty cop father) arrived at his door, Green fished into the wrong pocket and handed them blow rather than blow-pops. When the kids got home, their dad spotted the stash, called his contemporaries and Green is now facing 130 hours of community service and 12 month's probation. Which is actually a pretty lenient sentence when you think about it. The lesson from all this—give out tubes of toothpaste for Halloween lest you mistake them for dime bags. [Reuters via Boing Boing - Image: WilleeCole/Shutterstock]