There are two schools of thought to Thanksgiving preparation. You can spend weeks hunting down the perfect recipes, the freshest ingredients, and begin prepping the arduous feast well in advance of November 22. Or, you can run out to the grocery store the day before, pay a huge markup for a frozen turkey, and spend the entire night slaving away in the kitchen.

But whichever approach you take, we've assembled a collection of tools that will make your time in the kitchen a little easier, and a little more enjoyable. And if you want to avoid the kitchen altogether, remember there's no dishonor in going the takeout route.

Portion Measuring Spoons

Minimizing the pile of dishes you have to deal with after supper is the best way to make Thanksgiving more enjoyable. And these mixing spoons with graduated measuring lines kill two birds with one stone. They mix, they measure, and they're one less utensil to clean. $10

Hamilton Beach Walk 'N Cut Cordless Can Opener

There's nothing wrong with cranberry sauce made from fresh ingredients, but there's also some undeniable appeal to the gelatinous cylinder that comes from a can. And with this walkaround can opener that automatically slices open cans, cranberry sauce could be your easiest course.$17

Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Intelligent Rice Cooker

Rice at Thanksgiving? Absolutely, with the right seasonings it can a healthy alternative to heavy stuffing. And whipping up a batch of your favorite variety is an easy task with this near sentient rice maker that adjusts it's cooking time on the fly guaranteeing a perfect batch every time. $185

High Capacity Countertop Ice Maker

With a house full of hungry and thirsty family members, the last thing you want is to run out of ice. So save yourself emergency trips to the corner store with this countertop ice maker that churns out 33 extra pounds of ice per day. The entire house will thank you for it. $280

Smart Planet PPM-1 Personal Pie Maker

Nothing divides a dining room full of people like their taste in pies. So in a rare chance to please everyone all of the time, this Personal Pie Factory lets you whip up tiny pastries in every flavor imaginable. Pumpkin, apple, cherry, even mincemeat for grandpa and that weird cousin you only see once a year. $23

Waring Pro TF200 Rotisserie Turkey Fryer

Deep frying a turkey is all the rage these days. And if you want to guarantee yourself a succulent bird without becoming a YouTube sensation after burning down your house, this spinning rotisserie fryer can cook an 18 pound bird in just an hour. And the rest of the year it's great for fries, onion rings, and other deep fried delectables. $250

Restaurant Grade Electric Gyro Carving Knife

The holiday isn't complete without someone going to town on a piping hot turkey with an electric carving knife. So why not go all out with this industrial handheld carver? It will shave a turkey to the bone in minutes—just ensure that everyone at the table wears a bib and goggles until the massacre's over. $895

Image by Brian Chase/Shutterstock