Tame Impala - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

Tame Impala's latest video compliments their psychedelic musical style with over a thousand equally trippy, hand-built plasticine collages.

Epic Meal Time Does Thanksgiving

I'm not sure which is more impressive, Chef Zadi packing a half dozen birds into a pig or the EMT team's "Fast Food Lasagna," which is just as delicious as it seems.

Dragon House Does the Robot

Atlanta's Dragon House dance crew puts the moves on Gramatik's Illusion of Choice. [Cheezburger]

How to Grow Colorado Weed in Four Easy Steps

Before you Coloradan Stoners begin ransacking Denver-area Home Depots for grow lights and planting mix, take a moment to read this informative overview of what you'll actually need to set up your first marijuana plantation from Big Buds Magazine]

How to Beat Every Single Level in Angry Birds

Did you catch all that? Terrific. [Sun Foundation]

Swedish Chef vs The Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! The Stoner Channel Returns Monday night