You know what goes well with a full belly, an empty house, and that warm feeling you get after spending the day with friends and family? More pumpkin pie? That, and a little folk rock. While the Americans are distracted with their drunken turkey-induced comas, let me introduce you to a group of talented Torontonians known as The Most Loyal.

Led by Quebec-born songwriter Sarah Davignon, Shrinking Violet is the first track on the folk rock band's second EP, and both are available on The Most Loyal's Bandcamp site. You won't see them on MTV just yet—or hopefully ever—but with upcoming performances at iconic local concert halls like Lee's Palace (made famous as the venue where Scott battles Todd in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) they might just pull an Arcade Fire at the Grammys one year. And you can say you saw them here first. [The Most Loyal]