We're full. Maybe we're watching football. Maybe we're having another glass of wine. Maybe we're struggling to take our pants off. But one thing's for sure: we've got a lot to be glad about this year.

Joe Brown

I just keep coming back to fire, the first great technological advancement—and the one that I get the most joy out of. I love to cook and to leap over bonfires. I love to stare at bonfires. I love not freezing to death in the winter. The tiny explosions inside of my motorcycle's engine make it go, and I am so thankful that I can just get on it and get away when I need a break. So thank you for fire, Prometheus. Sorry about your liver.

Kyle Wagner

incognito browser sessions

Mario Aguilar

I'm thankful that I'm alive in one piece, healthy, and mostly sane, with friend, family, and co-workers that will still agree to speak to me. And for Spotify because I don't think there's a single piece of consumer technology that makes my life better.

Andrew Tarantola

I am thankful for big screen TVs, the Amazon Prime-Hulu Plus-Netflix Streaming Trifecta to play on them, and a family with which to crowd around them. Also, vaporizers.

Andrew Liszewski

I'm thankful that for whatever reason my nation has chosen to celebrate its national day of turkey consumption in October so that I'm able to hold down the fort while my American colleagues enjoy the fruits of their labor. Also, big sensored compact alternatives to heavy DSLR cameras, they're pretty sweet too.

Harry Sawyers

I'm thankful for the way technology has improved people's lives. Does that sound too corny? I mean in major ways, like medical breakthroughs, and also minor ways—the way a modern smartphone makes it basically impossible to get lost on a road trip.

Brent Rose

I'm thankful for ceasefires, bike helmets, backcountry, girlfriends, boyfriends, Stefanies, surfboards, whiskey, hot showers, hot sex, long hair, people banding together, family, friends, my backpack, and my knees.

Casey Chan

I'm thankful for having home and away broadcasts on NBA League Pass, curing hangovers with NFL Sunday Ticket and a phone that's so damn light I don't even know it's in my pocket. Also: whoever decided to make Thanksgiving on Thursday so people would get Friday off is a freaking saint.

Eric Limer

I'm thankful for voice dictation comma router passwords that are easy to memorize comma and viewers like you period

Chris Mascari

I'm most thankful for close friends and modern forms of communication that keep me in touch with those friends no matter where I'm at. Also thankful for the 2011 Lambrusco di Sorbara by Cavicchioli for its refreshing deliciousness.

Jesus Diaz

I'm thankful for all the people who love me and that all of them are alive and well. That's all that matters.

Michael Hession

I'm thankful for the wealth of knowledge and culture at my fingertips, and my wife who puts up with my nerd obsessions.

Ashley Feinberg

I'm thankful for space heaters (for warmth); google (for feigning omniscience); the health, love, and unconditional support of family and friends (for luvin'); the weird, wonderful, brilliant people I work with (for learnin'); and the invisible setting on gchat (for hiding from all of the above at my whim).

(^that^ thankz is for you and is not part of the message)

Peter Ha

Besides the obvious, like family and friends, I'm thankful to have gotten through the hurricane unscathed. I'm also grateful for everyone at Gizmodo, Mother Ocean and motorcycles. Oh, and Batman.

Nick Stango

I am thankful for the greatest technology of all; language. So I can easily complain about everything. I am thankful for Nokia's semi comeback and their indestructibly beautiful phones. And I am the most incredibly grateful for my Nikon camera that I can spend all the time in the world using and enjoy every second of it.

Leslie Horn

Thankful for iMessage when it works to keep in touch with family thousands of miles away. Thankful for Fresh Direct for keeping me fed. Thankful for ZocDoc for helping me find a dentist for the first time in years.

Sam Biddle

This year I'm thankful that there's (at least temporary) peace in (part of) the Middle East, that sexting is mainstream, that I work with wonderful people, that I have Star Wars on Blu-ray, emojis, a lovely family, LTE, grandfathered unlimited data, and a roommate who never complains about all the stuff I cram into our apartment to review. I'm also thankful for each and every retweet. Every one.


*Gizmodo Managing Editor Brian Barrett didn't have a chance to transmit his gratitude via email due to the Thanksgiving travel scramble, but it's safe to assume he's grateful for his family, the Baltimore Orioles, and panda bears.

We're also grateful for you. You, reading this. Even when we disagree or think the other couldn't be more wrong, you, readers, are the reason we do this. There wouldn't be a Gizmodo if there weren't people reading Gizmodo, and so we're thankful for another year of you all being around for the ride. Enjoy digesting your yams and try to get some exercise on monday.