Are you going to win the $550 million pot? Statistics aside, you feel almost 100% certain that you will. Now is the time to start wrapping your brain around just how much cash that is.

To be fair, you're not getting all 550 mil—after Uncle Sam sticks his claws in your pocket, you'll only have around $368,000,000 left. Your first expense. But that still leaves you with quite a bit. Let's put it in more concrete terms.

The sheer volume of $368 million in dollar bills

  • You could fill almost eight freight train cargo containers

  • You could create a single stack 4.5 times as high as Mount Everest

  • You could lay down a mat of bills the size of eight Vaticans.
  • It would stretch across the land mass of Monaco—twice.

  • Altogether, that cash would weigh almost as much as the maximum takeoff limit for a 747.

Now that you can imagine how gargantuan this jackpot is, let's spend it!

You could buy this vintage missile silo in Denver. $4.5 million.

A baby tiger only costs around a grand—so pick up a thousand of those to guard your missile silo. $1 million

You could've snatched up this entire auction catalog of extremely rare jewels for just over $82,000,000. That's enough to convince someone to live in a missile silo with you.

This goofy flying hovercraft is only $180,000.

An armed coup d'etat against the government of Papua New Guinea was once priced out at $36 million, giving you a nice summering spot if you want a break from the Denver silo.

Private jets are kind of passé, so here's a private chopper—a Eurocopter AS365N2, for only $2.2 mil.

Fine, here's a 12-passenger jet too. $20 million.

This F-1 motion simulator is only $56,670.

Here's a brooch shaped like an octopus that's covered in diamonds, because now that you're a multi-millionaire and the Dictator of Papua New Guinea, you wear shit like this. A milli.

You'll need a paperweight for your desk, so use this solid column of aquamarine being hugged by a naked woman made out of gold. $425,000.

An entire 38-acre island in the Bahamas. $85 million.

A 38-bedroom castle near Turin, Italy. OKAY. $58 million

Spare $30 million for 1,000 kilos of cocaine? You have to pass the time somehow.

For more fun, buy 4,762 BlackBerry 8520 smartphones for $1 million.

Then blow them up with 900 kilos of plastic explosives. $30,000

After this spree, you'll still have around $46 million left over—plenty to never work a day in your life. Or play it safe and buy 1,672 pounds of gold—enough for a few thousand more Powerball tickets. Why not.

Top photo: Sklemine Kirill/Shutterstock