, the site that wants to do for sext revenge what YouTube did for animal videos, has a killer new feature. And by killer, I mean terrifying: the site's (naked) victims will be put on a map. Stalker jackpot.


In a comment to Betabeat, Moore couldn't sound more excited for his perverse baby's geolocational action:

Mr. Moore says he's not liable for these sorts of privacy violations because it's all user submitted content. He reasons that he's protected under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which states that websites are immune from legal responsibility for content submitted by others.

"We're gonna introduce the mapping stuff so you can stalk people," he gleefully told Betabeat, adding, "I know–it's scary as shit."


That's an awful lot of trust to put into a legal subsection, and we can only imagine his theory will be tested if and when something bad happens IRL to a girl whose naked pictures—and exactly where to find here—are shared on the Internet.

Moore really does sound like he's making a website that he wants the entire rest of the Internet to fear—a sort of dickpick Death Star. So far he's claimed the site will make you "question if you will ever want to have kids," and described it as "scary as shit." These are features, not liabilities. But with a feature that could get someone, oh I don't know, physically harmed, you have to wonder if there will be backlash before he can even get off the ground. Or maybe most people like porn too much to care.

And besides, Moore doesn't give a shit: