The skinny new iMac goes on sale today. But before anyone in the US has even had a chance to touch it, an enterprising Japanese blogger has already managed to tear one to pieces.

Detail from the teardown are scant and poorly translated by Google but there are plenty of pictures. This is the 21.5-inch version and one thing is glaringly obvious: despite its slender frame—it's 80 percent thinner than previous iMacs and just 5mm thick at its narrowest point—there's still spare room inside the thing.


Clearly the thickness is limited by the depth of the components that have to be squeezed in there, but it makes you wonder just how insanely thin we might see desktops become in the future. With a little clever component design, this iMac could've been even thinner than it already is.

We'll have to wait for a more thorough inspection of what's inside before we can tell you more about the guts of the iMac, but given it's available from today, that shouldn't take long. [Kodawarisan via Ubergizmo]