The gleaming 40-foot behemouths that shuttle suburban American kids to school and back are useless on the crowded streets of Delhi. Throughout the developing world kids get to their daily lessons by any means possible—trike, rickshaw, even ox cart. Our friends at Oobject have assembled 12 of the coolest home brew tike transports.

When you're done with these, roll on over to oobject and check out these 12 knife bikes, 15 solar cutters, and 10 tricked out yurts.

  • School Bus Tricycle in Delhi
  • English Nursery School bus in India
  • Tiny school bus, Delhi
  • Motorized rickshaw school bus
  • Trike School Bus Jaipur
  • Colorful Jamalpur School Bus
  • Delhi School Bus in Crowded Street
  • Convent School Bus in India
  • Village box schoolbus
  • Schoolbus in Paharganji
  • Tricycle School Bus
  • Motorized rickshaw school bus