It's been a long week, and now you want to just kick back and relax. What better than some Facebook elbow boobs to help you out. Not your bag? We've got plenty more like horrible pictures from a stolen tablet, the place where all nudie picks eventually wind up, the best hiding-in-plain-sight Gmail feature, iPhone scratches, $35,000 movie players and more. Check it all out below.

Facebook Took Down This Picture Because It Thinks Elbows Are Boobs

Elbows and boobs. Both are great in their own special ways, but they are definitely not the same thing. You and I might know that well enough, but it seems that Facebook has a little more trouble with the distinction. That's why they took down this elbowlicious picture. More »


Thieves Torture Former Tablet Owner With Horror Pictures


"Frank Drebin"'s home got burglarized a month ago. The thieves stole some tablet PCs. Frank went on with his life-until he decided to open the picture folder in his Dropbox account. That's when he found more than one hundred pictures of these two, including some pouting mirror shots by the glamorous lady you can see in these photos. More »

Here's What Happens When 40,000 College Students Realize They Can E-Mail All 40,000 People at Once


NYU recently sent out a seemingly innocuous e-mail to all of its students asking them to opt for paperless forms. People in college get those kinds of e-mails all the time! But when one student decided to ask his mom if he should enable the paperless forms, he accidentally triggered a method that allowed him (and every other student) to reply all to all 39,979 students on the e-mail list. Which meant, any student could send an e-mail to every single student at NYU. And as things in college goes, things quickly got out of hand. More »

The iPhone 5 Damage Report: Two Months Later


The iPhone 5 isn't the biggest or fastest, but it's held up to physical standards of perfection that make the immaculate womb of Mary look like amateur hour. The phone is supposed to be a consummate beauty. But after two months of constant use, it's already showing wear and tear. Scratch-phobes, beware. More »

The Best Secret Gmail Feature Is Hiding In Plain Sight


There's a Google Mail feature you have to use. Seriously. You must. Because copying an entire chain of messages after your reply doesn't make any sense when people can scroll down to see all the messages, chained one after the other. What makes sense is to only provide the snippet that you are actually replying to. And that's why you need to do this: More »

Here's Where the Naked Pics You Sexted Will End Up

Advertisement had one simple, brilliantly malicious premise: submit completely naked pictures of your ex (or anyone you dislike), completely anonymously. The ultimate Internet revenge, viewed by a quarter of a million people every day. It shut down. Now it's back. More »

Here's the Most Hilarious Prank You Can Pull on Facebook


This Facebook user had a genius idea for a prank: find Facebook users with the same name as yourself, recreate their profile pictures as closely as possible and then send them a friend request. It's like seeing an alternate version of yourself and it's freaking hilarious. More »

NASA Finds Water and Organic Matter In Mercury


NASA has confirmed a surprising, counterintuitive discovery. The burning hell known Mercury-the closest planet to the Sun-has water. Frozen water. Three new research papers, based on data obtained by the Messenger spacecraft, show undeniable evidence. More »

iTunes 11 Is Finally Out: Here's What's New


Apple's slightly overdue update to iTunes is out. Finally. It's a sizable re-imagining of a piece of software used by a massive amount of people. So you should probably take a minute or two to acquaint yourself with the new stuff. Here's what's changed. More »

Is Watching a First-Run Movie From Your Couch Worth $35,000?


We first brought word of Prima's audacious plans to let movie buffs enjoy first-run titles from the comfort of their home theaters for $500 a flick back in 2010. But it looks like the company is finally rolling out the service, with a hardware price tag that's risen from $20,000 to $35,000. Really sweetens the deal, doesn't it? More »