Make it out of that turkey coma yet? You're just in time for something that is completely unrelated to the holiday madness about to commence. An edible lamp and a stacking bookshelf, and so much more are here to save you from your stupor. These are the most beautiful items of the week.

Clock Box Is a Beautiful Way to Tell—And Tote—Time

The Clock Box is exactly what you'd expect, based on the name-ticker in a box. It's like a grandfather clock met a chinese takeout box and had lovely time-telling babies. More

A Classic Herman Miller Collection Gets a Contemporary New Napping Couch

Herman Miller's classic Collection series of furniture is getting a new addition straight from London design firm Industrial Facility. Meet the Picnic Sofa, a simple, beautiful, wire-supported couch. More

Holy Crap, Someone Made a Real-Life Pixar Desk Lamp

Great news for anyone who's ever dreamed of their boring desk lamp coming to life as their lovable sidekick. More

A Den In a Trunk Lets You Travel With All the Comforts of Home

No matter how light you try to travel, the airlines will still find a way to tack on extra baggage fees. So stop trying to beat the system when you fly and just go all out. More

Moebius Hanger Bends Time and Space To De-Wrinkle Your Shirts

Don't even try to wrap your head around this twisted plywood hanger. It's clearly only designed to support the shirts, belts, scarves, and other accessories of the world's greatest mathematicians and physicists. More

This Stackable Angled Shelf Just Made Bookends Obsolete

It's a sad day for the once thriving bookend industry. Already reeling from the fact that consumers are buying less and less printed books every year, suddenly this brilliant angled shelf comes along and does away with the need for bookends altogether. More

This Edible Lamp Is Actually Good Enough to Eat

This lamps looks good enough to eat. No, really: it's made from a biodegradable plastic derived from vegetable glycerin and agar, which means that when it reaches the end of its natural life you can actually chow down on it. More