Say what you want about John McAfee—that he's crazy, that he's a murderer, that he's a crazy murderer, that he's a creepo drug addict, that he's a creepo drug addict with a harem of young girls—the man gets around.

He went from fightin viruses in California to stirring up trouble in Belize to hiding out in Mexico/Guatemala/his house/wherever. Nobody seems to know where the hell he is—except when his entourage of inconspicuous (???) foreign journalists accidentally maybe reveals his location. It's almost as if McAfee is playing a game with the media. (McAfee is almost certainly playing a game with the media COME ONNNNN.)

Hey. Wait! We know exactly what game he's playing. Carmen Macaflippin' Sandiego. It's Photoshop time.


You can get some great pics of her from the game's official site, and feel free to use and abuse any of our McAfee photos as well. The winner will receive everlasting glory and a spot in the Elysian Fields with the likes of Heracles and Alcmene.

Official Gizmodo photochop by Gadget Mastah Andrew Liszewski.