This thing is genius. The kind of stuff that will leave you amazed as you build it, as you go "hmmm, where is this going..." to "oooooh, I seeeee! CLEVER!" to "OMFG NO WAY."

The leg mechanism (you can fully retract it, like in the movies), the internal gadgets that R2-D2 has, how the design of every detail in the original R2-D2 is addressed in this smaller—but quite huge! Measures over 12 inches (31 cm) high and 7 inches (18 cm) wide—version... all of it makes for an extremely good set. The best of this guide. You will love it.

It's $180, 2,127 pieces and there are no many left (which is why they are going up in price in Amazon. You can still get them at the Lego Store at the regular price. [Lego Store and Amazon]

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