Hacked pictures. FBI inbox sweeps. Cameras pointed at mirrors. This year was full of horny, naked Internet.

As long as celebrities, politicians, and ordinary people like you, me, and the postman keep taking pictures of their penises, this will keep happening. It doesn't make it right—nobody likes being shamed across the web. But it's hard to shout the refrain too many times: If you take naked pictures of yourself in the 21st century, there is a real chance the rest of us will someday look at them.

Let these souls be your warning.


Nicole Polizzi used to be the spirit totem of drunk sophomore girls everywhere, but has since settled down with a boring husband and boring baby. Still, in 2012 she found time to let these mirror shots drift off of her Android and onto the net. Nobody is sure how they surfaced, or who they were intended for, but here they are, like a big blurry orange wad of gum.


Christina Hendricks

Mad Men standout and woman-whose-head-was-blown-off-in-Drive is an obvious phone hacker target for obvious reasons. And this year, it happened. Probably inevitable.


Olivia Munn

Comic-Con standby Olivia Munn's leaked naked selfies hit the web alongside the Hendricks batch, but the latter set Reddit ablaze. Why? Not just geek lust, but filthy dirty talk, and gratuitous use of (Gizmodo favorite) Skitch. Something about butts and bright arrows. Munn laughed off the claims that her phone was hacked.


Heather Morris, who is in Glee

This one was sort of sad because Morris isn't what you'd call a real superstar, for those outside of Glee fandom, but like those subjects above her, she was hacked hard. She also fell victim to the old embedded GPS coordinates surprise, which proved that she'd snapped provocative (and even naked! Oh my!) self-shots within Paramount Studios.


Hunter Moore

The most despised man on the Internet, Hunter Moore, makes this list because of what he's promising: the revenge porn site to end all revenge porn sites. He literally is looking forward to making money from girls killing themselves, being stalked, and discouraging you from even having kids. His site should launch sometime next year, singlehandedly making the number of exposed sexts skyrocket.


David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell

And finally, yes, this. The Petraeus emails weren't the years most salacious digital exchange (as far as we know), but they are probably the most significant in the history of sexual messages, in that they ended the career and disgraced the name of one of the most powerful men in the world. David Petraeus went from war genius and CIA head to... nothing, because of emails. Sexy, sexy emails.


Typing dirty had never, ever been so dangerous before.