This Is Why Yesterday's New York Post Cover Matters to You

Yesterday, as you probably know, the New York Post ran a front page photo of a man about to be struck and killed by an oncoming subway train. It set the Internet on fire, and raised a lot of questions about the photographer's role in the man's death. This is a technology issue.

As usual, the New York Times' media columnist David Carr put it particularly well his piece today:

Soon enough, new boundaries will be tested. In an era when most people have a camera in their hand or pocket, mass shootings will be memorialized on cellphone videos and ubiquitous security cameras will dish up fresh horrors. I'd like to think that the people's right to know will be leavened by the people's right to live in a world where mayhem is not a commodity.


In other words, we're going to see this kind of thing a lot more. I don't have a specific question for you, but this is something we should talk about. [New York Times]

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