The official Mattel Back to the Future hoverboard is here and it looks exactly like it did in Back to the Future II: happy neon pink retro future glory. All the details are there—the hole where Marty ripped off the pole, the foot strap and the graphics—but it doesn't actually hover. No matter, this is your childhood dreams in a toy.

Those two pods are only good for gliding but the middle pack is where you put the batteries in to activate the "whooshing" sound effects.

The detail is pretty lovely. Just as I remembered.


It's about the size of a typical skateboard.

You have 3 more years before I demand a hovering version, Mattel.


In the mean time, I made it look like it hovered. The magic of the pictures!

Velcro footpad. In 2015, velcro is still cool. The entire footpad rotates.