I really love this Lego Happy Holiplay contest because 1) enhancing photos with Lego brick seems like a great idea to me and 2) the winners get a big Lego prize every day. And I mean really big, including the four-foot long Executor Star Destroyer, the gigantic Imperial Space Shuttle or the truly awesome (and expensive!) Lego Death Star.

The contest rules are simple. You can participate in five missions. For each mission, just snap a photo of anything you want while adding one of these festive Lego construction to it. You don't have to make the objects exactly like that—just use any bricks you have available to come up with your own version. The prizes are daily and, seriously, they are huge. [Lego Happy Holiplay]


Lego's Four-Foot Super Star Destroyer Executor.

The 3800-piece Lego Death Star, an amazing model that goes for more than $330.


The 2,504-piece Lego Imperial Shuttle.

All the sets from the Lord of the Rings.


Lego Tower Bridge.