At the end of the week, sometimes all you need is a still drink, a decent meal, and a long nap. But before you go down that road, take a second to feed your aesthetic sensibilities, and check out the most beautiful things we found this week—from a gummy bear chandelier to the architecture of Oscar Niemeyer.

A USB Flash Drive That Might Be More Beautiful Than Your Precious MacBook

Are you head over heels in love with your MacBook? (Fanboy! (Just like me!)) Then why spoil its design with some jacked-up USB tumor? More

AR Train Windows Can put the Eiffel Tower in Nebraska

Traveling by train can be a lovely way to see a country-until you get tired of the endless farmer's fields and industrial parts of town where rails are normally routed. But if you're on a train equipped with this slick augmented reality window that enhances the passing scenery, you may never want to get to your destination. More

Here Is the Official Color of 2013

Pantone, the hoity toity decision council for everything we're allowed to see, has announced the color of the year for 2013: green. Or well fine, emerald. More

I Want to Eat This Awesomely Yummy 3,000 GummyBear Lamp So Badly

Fortunately, this gummy bear lamp is not actually made of real gummy bears, but 3,000 cast acrylic GummiBears. Not because of security concerns-imagine all those poor bears melting and causing a disaster-but because I would eat the whole thing. More

An Abstract Art Table and Chair Set That's Actually Useful and Not Awful

When you first look at this geometric blob of furniture, you might think "Holy crap that's ugly," or, "Oh man, I want to punch that thing." But give it a minute.More

Here Are Architect Oscar Niemeyer's Most Beautiful Buildings

Oscar Niemeyer, the famed Brazilian architect who created some of the world's most famous modernist buildings, has passed away at the age of 104. In his life, he became one of Modernism's most celebrated architects and through his genius, Niemeyer was able to bless the world with delectably curvaceous shapes. More

This Watch Is Like Strapping a Muscle Car to Your Wrist

If you'd rather have a classic Mustang or GTO in your driveway than a Ferrari, you'd probably also prefer MB&F's new Horological Machine No. 5 strapped to your wrist instead of a Rolex. More