Pax Ploom

The best part of the Pax by Ploom is that it isn't nearly as obvious as a blunt when smoked in public. In fact, its a downright stealthy little ninja of a portable vaporizer. It sure doesn't look like a conventional vapo and certainly doesn't smell like a conventional pipe. $250 at the Ploom website.

The smoCAN

Tokers have a well known habit of being rather...absent minded. The smoCAN combines the functionality of a grinder, stash box, and accessory holder in a single, skunk-proof aluminum tube. $70 at


Sheldon Black Oil and Concentrate Bubbler

Oils and concentrates have really become vogue this year, especially given their
massive potency over leaf weed. Hop on the hash bandwagon with this gorgeous bubbler from Sheldon Black, it's $260 from EverybodyDoesIt.


McFinn's Original Triple-Filtered Water Pipe

This is reputedly one of the cleanest hitting pipes on the market through its inclusion of a a tertiary cotton/coconut fiber filter, in addition to a double percolator, to pull more carcinogens and tar out of your rip than water alone. $380 from AquaLabs.


Plenty Vaporizer

Just because an implement is high-tech doesn't mean it alsow has to be covered in LED lights and digital displays. The Plenty portable vaporizer is made by the same evil geniuses that invented the Volcano. It uses a double-helix heat exchanger to evenly vaporize the active compounds while the coiled mouthpiece cools the vapor as you inhale. Very slick. $350 at Vapor Experts


Aluminum Locking Hard Case

Look, glassware, vaporizers, all this gear costs a pretty penny. Just look at the stuff on this list—$262 on average (and that includes the $70 low outlier). You got an extra $260 to blow on a replacement piece when your dog knocks the bong off the table or you drop your porta-vape into a bowl of Cool Ranch Cherios? You're better off spending $57 on a secure storage case instead. Find it at Vapor Experts.