Fully Color Worked, 3-D Marble Glass Ice Bong with a Fixed Stem and Inline Perc - $687

Sometimes, even simplicity comes at a price. This 17-inch beaker-base glass binger does feature an inline percolator as well as some sweet inside-out color work but for the most part is a basic borosilicate bong, which is why its price tag remains comfortably in the triple digits. Grass City.

Swiss Perc "Electroformed 1" - $700

This bong has no need for a percolator attachment because it is one. The 14-inch Electroformed 1 has a six-hole design and is partially electroplated with copper. Very avant-garde. Grass City.

Hops Glass Color Bubbler with Clear and Colored Marbles and an Inline Perc - $750

This ain't your granddaddy's bubbler, I tell you what. This monster is seven inches long and a flower slide bowl in addition to its percolating qualities and dual marble accents. It's available at Grass City

Illadelph Signature Rasta Coil Waterpipe - $1,113

This bong has icewater in its veins. Well, technically, it's antifreeze. The neck of the bong that congtains the coil is detachable, allowing you to cool it in the freezer before using rather than dealing with ice cubes. You can pick one up at Everyone Does It.

Worm and Bigz Warrior Tube - $1,496

This is the sort of binger you take home to meet your parents or use as a formal table centerpiece. Its simply phenomenal craftsmanship is matched only by the enormity of its price tag. Available at Everyone Does It

Innercity Inhalations - $3,500

Mat Collishaw is an artist. Mat Collishaw makes glass replicas of homebrew water bottle bingers, calls it art, sells each for $3500. Mat Collishaw is a very smart man. [Other Criteria via Animal NY]

Jurrassic Park Explorer Pipe- $10,000

Because why wouldn't you want to spend a Kia's worth on an automotive movie reference you can't actually drive? Take one for a spin at High Priority Glass.

Mylie Cyrus' Bong - $70,000

Remeber that time Billy Ray's daughter smoked salvia out of a bong? Of course you do, riveting stuff that briefly united our nation. Well, that piece of glass recently auctioned for a stupid high price of $70,000.