Gawker's Better State of Living Conversation series is brought to you with the support of State FarmTM. Today, tech expert Vanessa Rae is live in the comments to answer your questions about choosing the perfect accessory for a tablet or smartphone.

Tablets are all the rage this holiday season: iPads, iPad mini, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD, the Nook HD. But unless you're a Daddy or Momma Warbucks type, you're probably not planning to purchase them for everyone on your list.

Instead, it's best to focus on smaller items that will really suit each individual's needs. Not sure how to do that? I'm here to help you choose some great tablet and smartphone accessories for all of the different types of people in your life.

Scroll through the gallery above for a few ideas, and then join me in the discussion section and I'll help you find the perfect present.

Illustration by Ramona Udvardi, Studio@Gawker


For Your Sister Who Has Moved Beyond Just Cooking Ramen:

If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Except, your favorite gourmand won't have to with the QOOQ Tablet. This tablet is designed for the kitchen, and built to resist heat and humidity, while, the splash proof touchscreen is 60% thicker than other touchscreens. Made in France, the QOOQ Tablet comes with 1000 chef recipes, videos, and tips your budding Julia Child/Guy Fieri will love to use while cooking up that holiday meal.


For Your Cousin With Kids:

CTA Digital makes inflatable play cubes for iPads and Kindle Fire which are basically tablet "bouncy houses" that will protect your device. The cubes act as padded tables, and a protective case holds the tablet inside a clear plastic screen cover, allowing those "darling little munchkins" to use the touchscreen without leaving sticky sippy-cup smudges.


For Your Tablet-Owning, Tree Hugging Mom:

The iZen Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard and Bamboo Tablet X Viewing Stand come as a combo pack for about $115 (but you can also buy them separately). The hand-crafted keyboard — made from sustainable bamboo — is recyclable, and claims to be the first eco-friendly Bluetooth keyboard on the market.


For Your Bandmate With an Ironic Mustache:

For the person on your list who says he's nostalgic for "the elegant designs of years past" but still texts you during American Idol commercial breaks, the Pyle PRT15I Retro Home Telephone could definitely be the right gift. This faux-antique phone works as a landline or with your iPhone/Android/Blackberry — basically any device that can be plugged in using a 3.5mm headphone jack.


For Your Adrenaline Junkie Brother Who Wants Prove How "X-treme" He Is:

The Mophie Outride Multisport kit for iPhone 4S/4 essentially turns an iPhone into a wide-angle action sports camera. Whether doing tricks, flips, or catching a wave, your extreme sports enthusiasts can easily mount the camera, record the action, edit it down, and share it on their social networks.