The only complaint I had about my new MacBook Pro 15 is now gone. Well, not all of them, but only the one about its gorgeous Retina display: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are now both available with Retina display support. What a change!

I've been using the Retina-enabled betas for quite a while now, and they work great. It's must-have upgrade if you are using these products on the MacBook Pro 15 or 13.

You will see the difference from the moment you start: icons and text on the palettes are now ultra-sharp. But the most important change is not that, it's the fact that Adobe's graphics engine now knows the relative resolution of your screen (221 pixels per inch) and act accordingly.

So rejoice, for the blurry zooms and the oversized 100% view in Photoshop are all gone. Check out your Adobe Software Update and enjoy.


Update: According to Adobe, the new versions should be available at 9PM Pacific Time, although some people are not seeing it yet.

Update 2: Seems like they have been delayed. They are available now, though. I just checked and it's there. Downloading...