Starting today, you can buy your Facebook friends real-life gifts. Woohoo! Now you can advertise to everyone on Facebook how you are just such a fantastically nice dude(tte). Here's how to do it.

We'll my good friend and colleague Kyle Wagner as a guinea pig; I've noticed lately that he could really use a pick-me-up. Here's how I can brighten his day from my browser.

Step 1: Go to your friend's profile and click the Gift icon.

Step 2: Select amongst the many possible gifts you can send to your friend. You know what Kyle could use? Some fancy cold brew ice coffee. Yum. (Don't worry, if your friend doesn't like what you sent them, they can swap it out for something else.)

Step 3: Select from the available greeting cards you can add to your gift. There are options for holidays, special occasions, you name it.

Step 4: Enter a personal message to append to your gift. Let your friend know that you've been thinking of them. Spread joy to the world.

Step 5: Important! Make sure you check the box indicating you'd like your gift is posted to your friend's timeline, to show off how generous you are as publicly as possible. Here's where you'll select your payment method, too. What, you didn't think this was free did you?

And that's it! The recipient of the gift will be notified of your generosity, and they'll be asked to enter shipping information. You don't even have to know where they live! Bless you Facebook. Thank you for making buying crap for others easier than ever.

Image credit: Shutterstock/grintan