The story of John Mcafee is so freaking weird, he actually sold the movie rights to his life while detained in a Guatemalan prison. Kids, this is where bath salts gets you. But obviously, now that McAfee: The Movie is on the table, we have to cast it.

Here's our best shot. Anyone we missed? Should ALF just come out of retirement to play McAfee? Let us know in the discussion below.

John McAfee: Mickey Rourke.

In no way is this a stretch. Rourke already has the rough leathery look down pat.

Photo: IMDB

Murdered McAfee Neighbor Gregory Faull: Albert Brooks.

Faull could be Brooks' long-lost twin. The hair alone!

Photos: Facebook, IMDB

Suspected Teenage Female Assassin: Salma Hayek.

Not to type cast but, you know.

Photo: IMDB

Vice Editor-in-Chief Rocco Castoro: Mark Ruffalo.

As half of the duo that revealed McAfee's location on the lam in Guatemala, Ruffalo would be wonderfully unhinged.

Photo: IMDB

Vice Photographer Robert King: Joaquin Phoenix.

The caveat is that it's got to be Joaquin from I'm Still Here.

Photo: Vice, IMDB