This little mLogic Thunderbolt extension box looks like a slinky addition to your Mac, but hidden within it is some hardcore tech to give your laptop a serious shot in the arm—for a price.

The device connects to any Mac with a thunderbolt port, and allows you to install a half-length PCIe board—an ability missing from Mac Minis and Macbooks. That opens up a whole world of exotic features: RAID storage, high speed networking, video capture, or whatever else you can think of that needs a PCIe card.

But like every other Thunderbolt accessory, performance comes at a price. The box—with no PCIe card—weighs in at $400. It's available now if you want to spoil someone over Christmas. Or, you could hold off for an upcoming RED-specific model which will let you grab RAW video from the super-expensive cameras. A snip at $700. [mLogic via Engadget]