On Tuesday, we featured the Canon T4i as Dealzmodo's deal of the day, and we noted two things: first, you might want to consider upgrading for a full-frame sensor, and second, we had yet to see any deals on full frame sensor cameras. If you were holding out for a more professional-grade camera, you're in luck.

Adorama's got the Nikon D600, a full-frame DSLR, for $1996 today. That's usually the price of the body. But Adorama is throwing in so many extras that it turns into a great deal. In addition to a well-regarded 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 zoom lens (that usually retails for $600), you get a remote trigger, a WiFi adapter, and the backpack and memory cards that are usually thrown in with DSLRs.


We're fans of the Nikon D600—it's got a 23-megapixel full frame sensor, it shoots 1080p video, and is perfectly positioned between big and heavy professional cameras and lighter, APS-C prosumer shooters. It's a great value, and today it's a little cheaper. [Adorama, Amazon]