You know the face. That obviously-disappointed-but-smiling-to-be-polite face that people make every time they open a present from you. Time to step up your game and start giving gifts that people actually want. Our friends at Oobject have assembled 21 of the most incredible, sock-rocking vintage gifts that you can buy.

US Military TV 7 A U Electron Tube Tester

1973 Sinclair Cambridge Calculator

1972 Citroen SM

Possibly the worlds most unreliable car, but also its most beautiful. A combination of Citroen design and Maserati engineering. It looks modern enough that it featured as something from the future in the movie, Gattaca

Very rare Braun 80 Television Design by Dieter Rams, 1964

Set of 3 Braun HLD 4 Hair Dryers

Polaroid SX 70 Land Camera with Leather Case

Next Cube Computer with 2 Optical Disks

In addition to being the foundation for modern day Apple, this was the same machine that was used for the world's first web server. A sound investment.

Complete 1960s Quad 33 303 FM3 System with Pair ESL 57 Electrostatic Speakers

Lot of 5 Roman Medical Tools

Museum quality 1970s Pulsar digital watch

Mits Altair 8800B

Beautiful Vintage Compass Camera with Tripod and Accessories

Cray T94 Super Computer

Extremely rare working Apple Lisa

Curta Calculator Type I, 1962

Calculator used on Mir space station by Commander Volkov

PPG Biomedical EVR Polygraph Lie Detector Recording System

A beautiful cased set of drawing instruments from the 1830s

Cobra Lamp by Norman Bel Geddes

1890s Pocket Watch with Calculator Slide Rule

Very nicely restored 1956 Airstream Overlander