Take a little pause and remember how many beautiful things there are to feast your eyes upon. From a modular organizer shaped like a boat to banded furniture where you can stash your stuff, these are some of the most beautiful things we found this week.

21 Awesome and Rare Gifts You'll Never Find at the Mall

You know the face. That obviously-disappointed-but-smiling-to-be-polite face that people make every time they open a present from you. More

This Banded Furniture Has a Place for All Your Keys—And Then Some

Take the rubber band balls of your childhood, add some clean lines and functionality, and you've got Korean designer Dong-yeop Han's No Stereotype furniture series.

Organize Your Desk With a Boat

You should see my desk. It's a goddamn nightmare explosion of pens, business cards, empty coffee cups, and random crap. These modular Desktructure Organizers would more than do the job of sprucing things up. More

You Can Scavenge the Parts You Need To Build This Modular Bike

Even with the most expensive racing bikes there's some assembly required. So taking that idea one step further, Tristan Kopp's prodUSER cycle doesn't even come with all the parts you need to build it. More

Is This Nasa's Next Lunar Lander, Or a Gorgeous Espresso Machine?

At first glance this beautiful espresso maker from CB Industries looks like a proposed NASA spacecraft design from the mid-1950s. But instead of dropping astronauts on the moon, it's only designed to drip coffee into a cup, while looking sleek in the process. More

Why Not Build This Year's Gingerbread House Using CAD and Lasers?

We've all seen our fair share of crooked gingerbread houses, daubed with frosting to the point where they look less like a building and more like a bomb site. Johan von Konow has a solution to that problem, though: design the building using CAD and manufacture it using laser cutters.

This Smokestack Looks Like It's Sliced Up and Floating In Mid-Air

Normally you might consider a smokestack to be something of an eye-sore, but this "Sky Stack" Is very much the opposite.