In high school, I was big into The Offspring, Catch 22, Operation Ivy and the like, but as time has gone by, my love of those has been mostly supplanted by my love for Pavement. As I was wondering when the hell the deluxe edition of Terror Twilight will finally drop the other day, I was listening to Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (:LA's Desert Origins) and rerererediscovered the Pavement classic—dare I say "masterpiece"—Gold Soundz.

I'm not sure what I can say about this track beyond that it's just delightful. The melody is both upbeat and serene and the lyrics are characteristically inconsequential in that great Pavement way. Likewise, the video is bewilderingly random, and for reasons unknown, vaguely holiday-themed. I don't have any real evidence to support it, but I am pretty sure that if you do not enjoy this song, you may not have a soul. Just sayin'. [Spotify, Amazon, iTunes]