We can all agree that the Westboro Baptist Church is the objectively worst collections of humans in the history of the species. And after planning to "protest" the funerals of dead children, the hackers at UGNazi got revenge.

Update: We spoke with UGNazi.

A Twitter account belonging to Shirley Phelps-Roper, a "lawyer" and "official spokesperson" for the "church" (and daughter of its insane, bigoted founder, Fred Phelps) is now being run by UGNazi. Yesterday, she was writing things like this:

Now, not so much—the bigot is silenced.

So far the group has tweeted out a link to Shirley's home phone number, a White House petition to recognize the WBC as a hate group, and lots of gloating. The takeover comes right after a weekend of attacks against the WBC by Anonymous, making for a rousing one-two combo against the demented hecklers.

UGNazi claims that 15-year-old hacker-in-exile Cosmo the God is behind the seizure, but it seems unlikely he'd risk going to prison over this, mere weeks after his sentencing. At least one would think so. At any rate, this is the way UGNazi goes from middling online pranksters to a serious force—they've got the people on their side right now, and Cosmo just rose as some kind of Christ-like criminal. [Twitter]

Update: I just talked with an alleged member of UGNazi, who says the group took control of Shirley's account 4.5 hours ago:

We hacked their mail server se'd [social engineered] the host , reset [the Twitter] password through the mail server

Asked if more Twitter targets were being lined up to attack, we were told "If WBC doesn't stop their shit yes we will."


Update 2: Another member of UGNazi now claims the above individual is not actually part of UGNazi—or at least not authorized to make any statements on its behalf. Still, it's likely that UGNazi broke into Shirley's account using a method very close to that description.