Look, you really shouldn't be freaking out about this Instagram policy change. So they might sell your photos. Big deal. Your pictures are probably crappy anyway. I know mine are. But in the event you're worried, here are some alternatives.

Hipstamatic: This is the OG of alt camera apps. Before people were using Nashville or 1977, many were filtering, er, adding lenses to their photos with Hipstamatic. Don't like the choices it comes with? You can buy more from within the app for a buck each. iOS, $2

Camera+: This photo app is more professional than Instagram, with more options for editing. It doesn't just change your photos with filters, it's a good option for improving the regular snaps you shoot on your iPhone. iOS, $1

Camera Awesome: Share photos to your social networks without even tapping a button. Share multiple photos at a time. Buy extra filters within the app. And you're not joining another community. iOS, Free

100 Cameras in 1: If you're a filter fanatic, this is your new camera. It has 100 options for altering your pics, and they all come pre-installed. iOS, $1

Path: If you want a little bit more than a social photo community, but you don't want to share your images with everyone, Path is your answer. It limits your social network to 150 people, and has a heavy focus on photos. The app itself free and comes with filters, though you can always buy more if you can sick of what you've got. iOS/Android, Free

Flickr: Wait, isn't Flickr half-dead? Wrong. It just finally updated its iPhone app for the first time in two years. It's lovely, has filters for the first time, features horizontal scrolling, and gives Flickr nerds all the EXIF data their little hearts desire. iPhone, Free