Finding the perfect Christmas gifts for your friends and family is a real challenge. And as you struggle to find things they might like, don't forget they're trying to do the same for you. So when you open that bright pink sweater, or the coffee maker they already got you last year, just smile politely and remember to hold onto that gift receipt.

Odds are you won't be able to return those items for cash, but if you find yourself with a handful of Target gift cards after a few exchanges, here are some suitable alternatives that should've been under the tree in the first place.

16GB microSD, USB, SD card $13

Storage is always a smart buy, but a cheap ass all-in-one SD, micriSD, and USB stick seems really useful.


iPod Nano $150

Using your phone while you run is fine, but it's kind of big for just going out for a jog. And sure you can get by with a Shuffle, or like, anything else, but the Nano's Nike+ support is really nice.


Nook Simple Touch $79

We recommend the Paperwhite as the best ereader right now, and the Simple Touch is probably due for an upgrade sooner rather than later. But the Nook is also eminently regiftable when and if you upgrade, and is a pretty nice snag at $80 regardless.


Pokemon White Version 2 Nintendo DS $35

In case you've been away: Pokemon is still really fun. And also, your kids will love this, too.


Turtle Beacj P11 Amplified Stereo Gaming Headset for PlayStation 3 $54

If you're already loaded up on all the games you want this Christmas, but you've still got credit to burn, a real, actual gaming headset isn't a bad buy. There are better headsets around, but 50-odd bucks isn't bad for this one.


Xbox 360 Wireless Bluetooth Headset $40

The standard Xbox headset is fine, sort of, but the bluetooth version just looks so much less dopey, and doesn't dig into your opposite temple quite as hard, either.