It's almost the end of the year and almost the end of the world. Then again, depending on who you ask it's always almost the end of the world. In the meantime we've got tales of evil Apple geniuses, the best photos and most important gadgets of the year, Amazon security loopholes, real James Bond gadgets, boobs, and a new Earth-like planet for you to peruse. Check it all out below.

Exclusive: Corrupt Apple Store Employees Come Forward Across America

We thought the crookedest little Apple Store in Texas was an isolated case. We were wrong: confessions from Apple's retail squads around the country (and world) poured in. Apple has a serious naughty behavior problem on its hands, and the Evil Geniuses are speaking out. More »

Amazon Has Another Huge Security Hole

You may recall that Amazon was implicated as the weak link in the Mat Honan iCloud hack, wherein a gadget blogger had his entire online identity nuked from orbit because Amazon gave up the secondary identifying information necessary to issue a password reset over at Apple. (The last four of your credit card, incidentally.) I'm sad to say that Amazon has clearly not improved their authentication protocols in any meaningful way, but this time it's hurting them directly. More »

Astronomers Discover Earth-Like Planet Close to Us

This is really exciting: an international team of astronomers has discovered that Tau Ceti, the closest single star like our Sun, has planets just like our solar system. But more importantly, one of these planets orbits in the habitable zone around the star. More »

The 10 Most Important Gadgets of 2012

OK, 2012 wasn't the greatest year for tech, but it wasn't a total bust either. Wade through the glut of comically oversized phones, tiny tablets and fruit company refreshes, and you're bound to come across a few shiny needles in that crummy haystack. Here, in no particular order, are the 10 most important gadgets of the year. More »

7 Ways the World Really Could End Tomorrow

There's no shortage of Doomsday naysayers. And sure, it's easy to ignore the prophecies of ancient Mayans. But you know what? The world could end any time-including tomorrow. Here's a rundown of the seven most likely ways our world could crumble right on schedule. More »

Squeezing Boobs Can Stop Breast Cancer

If you need another excuse to show some love to the mammaries, scientists have found that squeezing breasts can actually prevent malignant breast cells from triggering cancer. Yes, squeezing. Guys and gals, do your part in stopping cancer, please. More »

Stop Whining About Your Personal Data on Instagram You Little Whiny Baby

Have you heard the news? Instagram just updated its terms of service, and is giving itself permission to sell the photos you take to advertisers. Lots of users are weeping, threatening to quit, and screaming about privacy. Counterpoint: shut up. More »

10 James Bond Gadgets That Actually Exist-And One That Needs To

There have been 23 Bond movies made In the past 50 years-full of lethal, handy, futuristic, awesome, and sometimes funny gadgets. Most are still too fantastic to be real, but some have transcended the silver screen to become naturalized residents of the Real World. These are our favorites. More »

Hackers Take Over Westboro Baptist Church Twitter

We can all agree that the Westboro Baptist Church is the objectively worst collections of humans in the history of the species. And after planning to "protest" the funerals of dead children, the hackers at UGNazi got revenge. More »

The 100 Most Astonishing Images of 2012

We've seen some incredible images this year. Aerial shots of Dubai, crystalline ice on the open sea, moments of war, portraits of bugs. From our own massive image cache, we selected 100 of the most fantastic photos from 2012. More »