Deck your brains with beautiful items, falalalala la la la la. Sing that to the tune of, obviously, Deck the Halls. Get yourself in a festive mood for design! Check out all the most lovely things we posted this week.

Headphones So Hot You Won't Even Care How They Sound

Renderings and prototypes of Aedle's VK-1 headphones have been circulating the designier corners of the Internet since last spring for no reason besides their stunning design. If you fall in love with your eyes and not your ears, get excited because a limited run of 500 headphones is now up for grabs. More

Gorgeous Warming Teapot Provides a Window To Steeping Perfection

If you're particularly picky about how your tea is steeped, this beautiful teapot lets you monitor the intensity of your brew with its see-through glass carafe. And with a built-in mesh infuser, the Smar Tea lets you halt the steeping process when the perfect shade is reached by simply tipping back its stainless steel lid. More

Aladdin's Got Nothing on This Flying Carpet Chair

Supported by a small army of 90 elastic rods, the seat on this 1001 chair feels like it's magically floating in place while it contorts and conforms to your body. The seat was designed and built by Thomas Hiemann and Markus Dilger, and the pair unfortunately seem to have no plans to build and sell more of them. More

Concrete Wine Bunkers Let You Get Drunk Even After the World Ends

We're just hours from the Apocalypse at this point. It's way too late to take any preventative action, but that doesn't mean we can't be ready for the aftermath. More

A Simple Handle Redesign Keeps This Mug Extra Clean

If you've ever debated the merits of storing a mug upside-down, or right side up, this brilliant redesign renders that discussion moot. When stored right side up, dust can easily collect inside a mug, and when stored upside down, the rim is touching a potentially dirty surface. More

Lasso Coatrack Is Probably Supported By Cowboy Sorcery

There's always been some kind of mystique about the wild west and cowboys. And if you've ever stared in awe while they roped a cattle, wondering how they could pull off such a feat, it's no longer a mystery. More

Bird Skull Jewelery for Ornithological Fashionistas

Marisa Rand has no need for precious stones. That's because this Calvert County, MD artist crafts her jewelry from the skulls of birds. Morbid? Maybe. Awesome? Definitely. More

This Expanding Lamp Is Beautifully Intricate

When I was a kid, I had a toy Hoberman sphere. Despite the fact it did absolutely nothing of interest, it was utterly fascinating in an incredibly nerdy way—and now there's a lamp that will let me play with one as an adult, too. More